Can’t they stay?

Why do people leave, cant they say?
Is it because of me? Should i go away?
No matter how hard i think about it, no answer comes my way..
To why the people i love have to pack and go away.

wish they told me before..
I wish i saw it coming
Never gave me a heads up..
I watched them go quick, as if they’re running.

Why’d you have to go and leave us so soon..
Without you the night sky is darker even though there is a full moon.

Could i have done anything, anything at all..
To have kept you from going and not saying goodbye to us all.

try to convince myself that all this is a dream, that its all made up in my head.
Im ready to wake up now and continue living my life with you and move ahead.

You might have become a memory..
But one i’ll always cherish
A memory that’ll stay forever in my heart..
A memory that’ll never perish


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