Why do we let out regrets eat us up..

Screw with our brains and make us learn to give up.

We play certain moments in our heads over and over again..

And we know nothing will come of it, just the feeling of pure pain.

What could have I done to stop it, at least make it better..

But you know its no use..& you should know better.

Its a nasty felling that regret is, but you must know that

everything is written before hand..

It doesn’t matter what you could have done, its all part of

something thats already planned.

We tend to regret our yesterdays and forget about our.


Live in our todays bearing the sorrows.

But the thing about the past is that it can’t be rewritten..

So you just have to learn how to not be beaten.

Beaten by your own discouraging thoughts..

They might not be avoidable but its worth the thought.


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